A loyal, female half-orc that gets herself into many pickles.


Orkaz is as ridiculous as her description sounds- a 6’7 Sombrero’d purple half-orc barbarian with black eyes. Her cornrows lead into a springy, untamable ponytail. Her nose is irregular and twisted from being broken too many times. Her eyebrows are weird- thick and wrinkly, and all scratched up.

She wears her emotions on her face. If she’s happy, she’s beaming. If she’s sad, she looks devastated. If she’s attentive, her eyes are wider than dinner plates. But usually, she just looks guileless or cautiously optimistic. When she’s fighting, she adopts an unassuming expression, as though she is constantly in a state of surprise.

Her outfits change by order of practicality or her mood, but so far, the only thing that’s stayed the same is the owlbear head she’s strung at her hip, and her pendent she got from the family of Bertram and Martha. For now, she is lugging around an humongous and intimidating War Hammer on her back.


When Nuze was banished from his clan for his fanaticism, extreme tactics, and basically just being annoying, he had no idea how he would be able to win back their approval and be welcomed back in. But when his sister showed up at his doorstep one day with a baby, he got an idea how he could do it.
“Picture this-” he imagined proposing to the clan leaders who once rebuked him. “Super soldiers- trained from birth to be unquestioning, faithful minions.”
His sister, Yasik, didn’t really have any explanation for the child, but requested that she wanted to stay at his hut where it was far away from anyone else. When Nuze cautiously suggested his plans, she didn’t say no. Without futher ado, Orkaz’s soldier training begun. That plan… ended up falling to the wayside.

Orkaz doesn’t really know where she came from or what kind of intentions her Uncle Nuze and her mother had. But she adapted to every step, every kind of training, every melee weapon, like a fish in water. She got used to being told by her uncle that she was a tool (and he would explain this to her as excitedly and as brightly as if it was her birthday).

Because she thinks she knows her “cause,” her “point in life”, she ignores any potential and talent in herself that she deems as pointless and needless, unless it is being used by others. She is certain that following this path is what will give her the best results and outcomes in any situation. Orkaz wants to be what everyone wants her to be, and what they want her to be is a weapon.

Six years after she set out on her own, explored the world, and has had almost every royalty, gang leaders, heroes, chieftains and mercenary captains she’s tried to protect die, get lost from, or abandon her, she’s gone from being 100% sure of this to only 90%.

Other cheerful trivia about our half-orc friend is that she doesn’t have any secrets that she’s consciously aware of, anymore. There was one, but now she can’t remember it. Her favorite food is also vanilla bean icecream or pancakes.


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