A guard who lives in the Verdant Outpost with his wife Martha.


An older man with brown hair that has begun to premature grey from the stress of being a guard at the Verdant Outpost. He sports a small bit of scruff along his entire jawline. Bertram is in his early 40s but looks to be in his mid 50s, and although his is older he is just as hale as the younger guards he takes in to train every now and then. While the town trusts him they are quick to sway favor to what suits their needs at the moment, it is because of this that he has chosen to stay out of the town’s many quarrels.


Bertram lost his only child, Laura, during the sweeping massacres that ravaged Verdant Outpost. He however found solace in the company that the friendly half-orc, Orkaz, gave to him. After the green hag was found and defeated he reached out to Orkaz to grant her one of his family heirlooms, a locket that was given to him by his mother and was to be passed down from generation to generation. He has since accepted Orkaz into his and his wife, Martha’s, family and fights for her as he would his beloved Laura. Bertram is a stoic man and has learned to keep his emotions in check in dire situations, even if he truly wants to break down.

Thankfully, he caught wind that Orkaz was going to be executed because of Haruk. Bertram fooled his fellow guards into thinking that he hated Orkaz and was glad she was to be hung. He convinced the night guard to trade places with him to “see her ugly face” one more time. The rouse worked and he was able to break Orkaz and Morwen out of jail and put them onto the path towards an old friend named Herald who, he believed, owed him a favor and would make good on what he asked. He and Martha then went on the run.

When Brave, Morwen, Orkaz, and Narmar made their way back to the Verdant Outpost they searched Bertram and Martha’s abandoned house. Orkaz and Morwen found a loose stone in their kitchen, inside laid a letter Bertram and Martha had written before their departure. It cited that they were on the run but could not tell them where they were headed, in case this letter fell into the wrong hands. They planned to send another message when they were safe.


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