Poppy ???

A young woman with two low twin tails and bright orange hair.


Poppy is a bright girl with green eyes and long bright orange hair that is held in twin tails. Poppy is cheery and naive to a fault. She is obsessed with monsters and creatures in the world and desperately wishes to fulfill her childhood dream and creating the world’s first complete bestiary. She has a bad habit of staring off into space at random times for minutes on end. She also seems to think she doesn’t have any magic. Poppy has bad habit of interviewing creatures she probably shouldn’t be, and will refuse to kill or run from a monster until she has recorded it into her book. She is famous for asking things if they “want to be in a book?”
She wears a lighter noble woman’s dress in green and white. It is velvet and short, white, poofed, cuffs. She has brown working boots underneath her dress.

She receives an allowance of 100 GP/week from her parents.

Poppy owns a green rooster named Gallus. He comes and goes as he pleases, but somehow always manages to find Poppy!


Poppy grew up in a noble family who came from a long line of merchants, each as non-magical and uneventful as the rest. Until little Poppy was born that is. Poppy started to show magical abilities when she was a toddler, but she has always been so absorbed in her own little world that she never realized it, and therefore never learned how to control her powers. Poppy’s mother rarely let her leave the house after this and she occupied herself by reading about the various creatures that exist in the world and she was enthralled, but she realized how none of them seemed to match up, she guessed none of them were truly complete. Her mother, fearing for the family’s reputation to the rest of the nobles, sent Poppy away at the age of 16 to the best and most secluded magical college money can buy. Poppy packed her bags and asked no questions in order to satisfy her mother.
Once she arrived at the college the people there disliked her immediately. She was too friendly and acted without propriety for the rest of the attendants. Her teachers became fed up with her as she could not perform any kind of magic on her own and when it happened by accident it was always dangerous and occurred without control. The professors decided to shove her into the library to be an attendant for the college’s sole librarian. Poppy found a kindred spirit with this librarian, named Franny, who was also absorbed in her own world. Poppy would talk to Franny, who was well in her 60s, about her theories of monsters and creatures that may exist in the world that were once thought to be legend and Franny would confide in Poppy about her conspiracy theories. Anything from a mimic killed the king and took over the throne to half the world is actually a sleeping giant, Franny has a habit of making memory maps in her free time and hangs them on the library walls, she is often yelled at by the Headmaster.
Franny convinced Poppy to leave the academically musty college and told her she was the smartest person there. Franny convinced Poppy that the world needed her book and Poppy decided she wanted to see her book through before she died.

Poppy ???

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